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  1. Your financial details on costs per ride on WES vs. Max and buses were very revealing. Do you know of similar detail for the Streetcar? I use the streetcar for its convenience but am dismayed at the frequency of the on board ticket machines being out of order. Selfishly I should be happy but as a taxpayer I am disgusted (but not surprised).

    Thanks for your work.

    • How about the most delinquent aspect of our public transportation….too few fare inspectors. I have ridden the streetcars and trains for a very long time and have rarely seen inspectors either on the cars or at the stations. Also I’d like to know how the TriMet auditors accurately know the number of riders there are on the rails when there are no turnstiles. It’s a guessing game for sure. Despite saying all of the above…I think Portland’s public transportation is superior to most other cities.

      • Re. your comment: I’d like to know how the TriMet auditors accurately know the number of riders there are on the rails when there are no turnstiles.

        I’m going to check into that and will provide more info. in another post.

  2. To Bill MacKenzie:
    Your op ed piece in the Portland Tribune of July29th neglected a very important factor as to why the WES line has been disappointing. There is no PARKING facility at the Beaverton terminus. There in a vacant spread abuttinhg the station, which lies dormant all these years when it could have been used for Wilsonville commuters. Without car parking no commuter line will draw enough riders to make the investment pay off. Please addend your critque to take into account the lack of parking.

  3. Very interesting. Just read your four most recent posts. [The WES in the Portland Trib, which led here.]

    Do you ever feel hopeless in Oregon? I moved out from Chicago 10 years. It is past hopeless there.

    I added you to my blogroll.

    • I don’t feel helpless in Oregon, though I do think we assume a higher level of political purity than in fact exists. With the Portland Metro area’s dominance, we have become a solidly liberal state that is willing to put up with all sorts of malfeasance and waste.

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