The new economy, Lyft and Mac’s List: caveat emptor

The ad on Mac’s List, the job openings site, is pretty straightforward:

Lyft (Portland Metro) is hiring a Lyft Driver. Salary: $1,500/wk.



The problem is, like so many independent contractor jobs in our new economy, this one doesn’t really guarantee any salary at all. But Lyft doesn’t are, and apparently Mac’s List doesn’t either.

In this case, how much the Lyft driver makes will depend on the number of rides given and how much each one pays. Then you have to cover gas, car cleanings, insurance, tolls, car payments, maintenance and self- employment taxes. And of course, you’ll have to deal with heavier wear and tear on your car.

Then consider that under current law, independent contractors aren’t entitled to: A minimum wage; Health benefits; Unemployment insurance; Retirement plans; Workers’ compensation; Job protections.

I asked Mac’s List how they could allow such a deceptive ad promising a $1500 a month salary. “You wouldn’t run an ad for a salesperson and say the salary is $2000 a month if income was totally dependent on commissions, would you?”

Their response:

“Thanks for your feedback. As always we work to ensure that all job listings are accurate and up-to-date…We encourage you to email Lyft if you want to bring your concern to their attention. We are not responsible for the salary range they advertise for the job.”

In other words, not their problem.  Caveat emptor, folks.

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