11 things Oregonians believe (or don’t know)

1. 50% of Oregonians don’t know Oregon has 2 U.S. Senators.
2. The things about Oregon that Oregonians value most are the state’s natural beauty, opportunities for outdoor recreation, open spaces, clean air and water, its sense of community, its climate.
3. 81% of Oregonians believe the most important public service provided in Oregon is K-12 education.
4. 57% of Oregonians believe environmental protection is more important than economic growth.
5. 63% of Oregonians don’t believe the state’s tax system is fair.
6. 64% of Oregonians believe the state government is wasteful and inefficient with our taxes and cannot be trusted to make good decisions.
7. Oregonians rate subsidies and tax breaks for business attraction or expansion the lowest of 20 different public priorities which necessitate tax support.
8. 70% of Oregonians believe all people should have equal access to a basic level of quality healthcare, but 72% believe people should be held accountable for high-risk behaviors such as smoking, drug use and lack of exercise, through higher insurance premiums.
9. Whether registered as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, etc., a majority of Oregonians in all regions do not consider themselves strongly conservative or liberal on social or economic issues. The highest percentage of social liberals is in the Portland Metro Area (47%); the highest percentage of social conservatives is in Eastern Oregon (48%).
10. 78% of Oregonians are optimistic about their personal future over the next five years.
11. Just 42% of Oregonians believe Oregonians from diverse backgrounds will find common ground and work together to make progress addressing the critical issues facing the state.
TheWonders ofMcKenzieCreekbyShastaOrtwein

Source: 2013 Oregon Values & Beliefs Survey. Executed by DHM Research and PolicyInteractive Research. Sponsored by Oregon Health & Science University, The Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Public Broadcasting and Oregon State University.

For more information visit http://www.truenorthoregon.org

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