Deed fraud alert: don’t be a sucker


There’s a sucker born every minute, said  P. T. Barnum. That’s what the folks behind Records Recovery Services must figure.

A letter came today that looked kind of official. From “Records Recovery Services”, it boldly announced it was “IMPORTANT PROPERTY INFORMATION TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSEE ONLY”.


Sorry, I ripped it up.

It looks legitimate. You’d probably open it. But if you get one of these, just rip it up and put it in your recycling bin. It’s a scam.

Often sent to new homeowners, the letter inside asks that you send a check for $87 to Records Recovery Services at a Portland address for a copy of the deed to your home. “Respond by —“ the letter urges.

The problem is you if you want another copy of your deed, you can get it through your county clerk’s office for just a few dollars. In Clackamas County, for example, they will send it to you for $4 plus 25 cents a page or you can go to the County Clerk’s office and make a copy yourself for 25 cents total.

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporation Division lists Records Recovery Services LLC’s principal place of business as 5305 River Rd N., Suite B, Keizer, OR and the company’s manager, registered agent and owner as Vanesa Guerrero at 6312 S.W. Capitol Highway, #1021.


The Portland “office” of Records Recovery Services, a UPS mailbox on Capitol Hwy.

By the way, the Better Business Bureau has given Records Recovery Services an F rating because of complaints filed against it.

So don’t be a sucker.




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