Want a free Corvette? Too bad if you live in Oregon.

The owners of a legendary collection of Corvettes are giving them away. Yep. GIVING them away.

The collection consists of 36 Corvettes, one from each production year between 1953, when the car debuted, and 1989. According to the New York Times, the ’53, one of only about 100 that still exist, has been through a 4,000-hour restoration.


The original 1953 Corvette

The cars, which have been stored in various garages over the years, are now in a space on New York City’s Lower East Side.

The owners have set up a group called Corvette Heroes and have promised money from ticket sales to the National Guard Educational Foundation. One ticket — one chance to win one of the Corvettes — costs $3. There are discounts for larger purchases: five tickets are $10, 20 tickets go for $25 and so on, up to 7,200 tickets for $5,000, according to the schedule on the Corvette Heroes’ website.

The 36 winners will be chosen at random, said Scott Heller, one of the owners. Another drawing will decide which winner gets which Corvette.

But you can’t enter the sweepstakes if you’re an Oregon resident.

I discovered this when filling out an online entry form today. Every state was listed as an option on the sweepstakes site —- except Oregon. Huh! What’s up.

I went to the site’s FAQ and found this at the top:

Why are you are missing the state of Oregon? The time is February 14, 1859 and the beautiful state of Oregon becomes the 33rd state in our great nation, and for some reason the state attorney general won’t allow us to run our sweepstakes there. Sorry about that but if you are the winner, you need to be a resident of any state, except Oregon. We truly are sorry for this.

Too bad, Oregonians. You can buy one or more of a slew of lottery tickets. You can play video lottery games. You can do online sports betting.

But no Corvette Sweepstakes..


Hmmm. I wonder. What if a relative or friend who lives in another state enters at your request and wins? They could give the car to you, right?

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