One thought on “Skipping school to protest. No excuses.

  1. We have always had Children’s Crusades, but they were more obviously religious.

    I think this latest student activism represents a social collapse of the distinction between child and adult, and it has been in the works for some time.

    Nowadays, children are being taught that their “felt truth”, the one that bubbles up from the inside out, is as true as any other person’s truth, regardless of age or time on task. So of course we must heed the truth children are feeling and expressing. It would be harmful for adults to bottle-up a child’s truth.

    The adults encouraging children to go on Climate Strike, and the adults encouraging children to transition to a felt gender, are all operating from the same philosophical premise. These adults may be well-intentioned yet useful idiots for other adults… who knows.

    When the nice, old, and presumably wise, people in your life are telling you to express your truth because yours is as good as theirs, it would be hard not to walk out of class. If you feel the world is ending, you’ve got to go! If you feel you are in the wrong body, you’ve got to change! And the adults told you so.

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